This site has been created in a desperate attempt to locate our family member Candace Amanda Shpeley. We her family are desperate for Candace’s safe return.

Candace is a beautiful young woman and a mother of three gorgeous children, a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece & cousin, not too mention a friend to everyone who has ever had the great pleasure to have met her.

Candace has been missing since March 31, 2007, We her family are greatly concerned for her well being and safety. She is deeply missed by all, we need to know her whereabouts or hear from anybody that may have seen or heard, or had some sort of contact with Candace since her disappearance.

Candace’s whole family is sick with worry, all the sleepless nights and tears do not stop; nor will they stop until we know "Our Candace" is safe. We will not stop searching, we want Candace to know; we will not give up looking for you or taking care of your children until you return home.

Her beautiful children need their Mother, her parents need their daughter, and the rest of us need our very much-loved family member home. Our family is not complete without Candace. "Candace we love you and miss you so very very much". Please if anyone can get a message through to Candace, tell her not to give up hope, we will not give up on "Our Candace".

If there is anybody who can offer even a little bit of hope, maybe a sighting, a conversation or even hearsay, please do the right thing, and tell the right people. The links are below, The Abbottsford Police, or Crimestoppers, you will always remain anonymous. BUT we do need to know. There has to be somebody out there who knows where or what has happened to Candace, and that piece of information could be just the piece of the puzzle we are looking for to put this whole mystery to an end.

The countless days, weeks and now months are truly unbearable, the not knowing is the worse. We just want our Candace back, the hole in the hearts of our family and lives is incredibly empty and one of the hardest things we have ever had to deal with.

Emilee and Samantha (Candace's daughters) talk about their Mommy and it breaks our heart that we do not have an answer for these two sweet, innocent and fragile girls. Their Grandparents are wonderful and do everything that they can for them, but no one can replace a "Mother". Candace Shpeley, needs to come home!

We are asking please, come forward, please help our family find Candace. Any tip, big or small could help, if we could trace Candace’s last steps, know her last whereabouts, who she was with, where she had last been or who she had been meeting with; could all play a vital role in Candaces return.

No family should go through this, no young beautiful lady, should be missing like this and no young children should ever have their Mother disappear; EVER!!

We are begging you the public or any friends out there to please help us bring Candace home.

Candace: Your family loves and misses you, more than anyone could ever imagine. If you can read this or if anyone can help…Please, Please make some kind of contact, your family is empty without you.

Written with love and hope by Auntie Neats

Candace Shpeley of Abbotsford still missing after five years; convict was 'person of interest'

A Surrey man who died in prison while serving a sentence for a manslaughter conviction has been linked to the case of a missing Abbotsford woman.

The News has learned that Darryl Cole, 44, was a “person of interest” in the disappearance of Candace Shpeley, missing since March 31, 2007.

The single mother, who was 23 at the time, left behind two young daughters and a son.

Cole was convicted of beating Michael Gerald Larson to death with a bat during a marijuana grow rip in Surrey in December 2007 and was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison.

He was found dead in his jail cell in Kent Institution in July of this year. Foul play was not suspected.

Sgt. Jennifer Pound, spokesperson for the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), which is handling the Shpeley case, confirmed Cole’s connection.

“He was a person of interest in that he was one of the last people with Candace before she disappeared,” Pound said, adding that many others are also considered “persons of interest” in the matter.

Candace’s father, Barry Shpeley of Chilliwack, said he is aware that Cole was with his daughter in the days before her disappearance.

“From what I gather, he was the last person to see (Candace).”

Barry said he met Cole once for a few minutes at Candace’s home in Abbotsford about three weeks before she disappeared.

He does not believe the two were in a relationship.

He attended Cole’s sentencing hearing in the manslaughter case earlier this year.

“There were a lot of questions I wanted him to answer, but he wouldn’t speak to me.” Barry hopes that anyone who knows what might have happened to Candace comes forward.

On the day she went missing, she had lunch with her brother at an A & W restaurant in downtown Chilliwack. She visited friends in Surrey that evening, and Cole might have been among them.

Also that night, RCMP ran the licence plate of her car twice while it was parked outside a suspected drug house, but it is not known whether Candace was at that residence.

She was scheduled to pick up her kids the following day, but never arrived.

Her green 1995 Pontiac Grand Am was found nine days later in the area of Renfrew Street and 17 Avenue in Vancouver.

That vehicle has been in the possession of police. It was released to Barry on Wednesday at the City of Abbotsford’s operations yard on King Road, and he hopes that new photos of it might bring forth more information.

Pound said it has taken this long for police to complete a full forensic exam of the vehicle. She urged anyone with information to contact IHIT.

“I know we have had leads but as the years go by, people think that the information is too small or perhaps they just forget, but releasing a vehicle and having it stimulate the public like this hopefully will bring people forward.”

Barry and his wife are raising Candace’s two daughters – who were five and six when she disappeared – while her son, who was two, lives with his dad. Barry said they would all like to know what happened.

“Our lives have continued on. It’s a little hard some days. You always think about her ... We’d just like some closure...”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the IHIT tip line at 1-877-551-4448 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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